Your life at your fingertips

ContactOtter helps you keep track of the people you care about, and works with you to keep in touch with the people who matter most.

The contact detail page on ContactOtter

Organize your life

ContactOtter makes it easy to add, tag, and search your contacts. Emails, phone numbers, birthdays and anniversaries - as many as you need, all in one place.

Remember the story

Each contact keeps its own history of how you know that person. You control what goes into the history, and ContactOtter helps by keeping track of your social networks.

The logs for a contact on ContactOtter
The contact detail page on ContactOtter

Share with your inner circle

Contact books can be shared with friends and family. No more trying to resolve who called who, or who last sent a birthday card. It's all in ContactOtter.

Money-back guarantee

All ContactOtter plans come with our money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your last month and send you all your contact data.